Best Foot Massager 2022: (Improve Your Blood Flow)

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The best foot massager is good for improving the blood flow in your body. Secondly, it helps you out in releasing stress and tiredness after a rough day of work. Moreover, it’s also important to consider the right foot massager when going for a purchase. The modes, buttons, and most importantly, the cost is what you need to keep in mind before buying a foot massager.

On top of everything, these best foot massagers 2022 are really helpful in relaxing your feet if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. What actually a foot massager can do is kneading, massaging, vibrating and these are just a few functions that I mentioned. On the other hand, it’s a great deal for healing the soreness of your feet.

But the main issue that most of us face is that finding the right foot massager is really hard for us sometimes. The best foot massagers list is compiled for you in order to help you out in finding out your desired product. That said let me introduce them to you.

Best Foot Massager List 2022

  1. RENPHO – Best Foot Massager 2022
  2. Cloud Massage – Best Calf and Foot Massager
  3. Beurer FM60 – Best Cheap Foot Massager
  4. MedMassager Therapeutic – Best For Deep Tissue Massage
  5. MaxKav Foot Spa – Best Foot Spa Massager
  6. Nekteck – Best Powerful Foot Massager
  7. Arealer – Best Shiatsu Foot Massager
  8. Homedic – Best Affordable Foot Massager

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Important Questions About Best Foot Massager

Is Foot Massager Good For Health

Of course, it’s good for your health. Same as when any part of your body like the neck, shoulders, back, etc feels good because of the perfect blood circulation, muscle stimulation, and reduced tension after taking a massage, the same is the case with the feet. You’ll feel good after having a foot massage with one of our best foot massager 2022.

Are Foot Massagers Good for Neuropathy?

If some of your nerves are damaged and you feel pain in your feet. It is probable that some people may recommend a massage therapist. But you’re not going to go that because in some cases it’s prohibited plus it’s also expensive. On the other hand, foot massager is a cheap way of releasing the discomfort and pain in your feet. So yes, the best home foot massager has a role in neuropathy.

How often should You use a Foot Massager?

If you want to get relieved from foot pain and also new to foot massager then the best way to start with two massages per week. When you are using it for the first time then your feet will probably feel sore for a few days. That’s why you have to start slowly and when your feet adapt to the massages, you can eventually increase the number of massages to many times a day. But it’s recommended to have a 10 minutes session with the foot massager and it’s advised to use it max three times a day. Because using it more than that may have some negative impact on your feet.

Is a Foot Massager Good for Blood Circulation?

In these busy days, your feet work hard and due to this, you will feel pain in your feet. And also you don’t have the time to massage your feet. Just like you take benefits from back, neck, or shoulder massage, the same goes for the foot massage. Regularly massage your feet improves the circulation of blood, reduces tension, stimulates muscles, and often helps in relieving feet pain. Especially those patients can be benefited from foot massage who have diabetes or Raynaud’s disease. These diseases limit the flow of blood to many body parts including legs and feet. That’s why getting a foot massage increases the circulation of blood to your feet and as a result, it will greatly improve your feet and leg life. Moreover, those people who are suffering from cold feet can also take benefit from foot massage.

Does a Foot Massage Relieve Stress?

When someone stressed out whether it is due to work or family, they generally have different methods for relieving stress. Some people listen to music while others relieve their stress by doing some exercises. But they don’t know that a foot massage is a great stress reliever. A foot massage includes a Reflexology technique that will relieve all your stress and anxiety, thus you will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Which Foot Massager is Best?

Today’s market is full of different kinds of foot massagers having different features. Some of the foot massagers offer heating features while others have the rolling stick, kneading, and bubbling options. Also, some of the foot massagers are budgeted while others are expensive. Hence, the best massager entirely depends on your budget and which feature you want the most in your foot massager.

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Best Foot Massager Reviews 2022

1. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine


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RENPHO is one of the best-rated foot massagers holding on all types of massage features. Despite being not controlled with a remote, this machine is still easy to use with the buttons located on the front touch panel. Moreover, rotation ball is also one of the specs on RENPHO foot massager alongside the rolling stick, and heat feature. Whereas, the kneading allows you to have a perfect shiatsu foot massage without any hesitation. Just to make it clear, there are 3 squeezing and 3 kneading options and you can use the one which seems suitable for you.

Furthermore, the heating feature isn’t dependant on any other feature, you can enable it separately. on the other side, instead of just leaving the foot chambers empty, they have added cloth and you can wash the cloth when it gets dirty in order to keep things clean. As for the design, the RENPHO Foot Massager Machine isn’t like the old school massagers. It looks futuristic with great ergonomics. Most importantly, this best electric foot massager can fit almost any person’s feet for the perfect foot massage. Long story short, RENPHO can be your best companion if you’re planning on buying a foot massager.

2. Cloud Massage

Cloud Massage

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First of all, it’s not recommended to use the cloud foot massager on high settings as it’s strong and powerful. Using it on low settings would be great. Secondly, this Shiatsu Foot Massager is good for bad blood circulation, stress release, and there are many other benefits of it. The cloud massager is beautifully designed, It comes along with an adjustable stand and fulfills your comfort criteria. On the other hand, the foot chambers are large and coated with a soft material that adds up more to your comfort level.

Moreover, there are more features foot relaxing your feet, calves, and legs which include the 2 heat options, air compression, and vibration feature. On the other hand, the portability of the cloud massage is on point which means the calf area is calculated at 15-inch and the toes area is calculated at 11-inch, making it one of the small best foot and calf massagers.

3. Beurer FM360

Beurer FM60

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Beurer has manufactured many different products since 1919 and Beurer FM360 is one of them, a decent and simple looking foot massager with simple functions. Unlike the other expensive machines, the Beurer FM360 comes along with 18 massage heads which helps in stress relief and releasing the tiredness of your feet. The best thing about the Beurer FM360 is it categorizes itself in cheap foot massagers because of its low-end price tag.

The FM360 doesn’t offer more buttons. Instead, there’s one big power button and a mode button on the machine. Whereas, It follows a shiny white color with a combination of light grey color. On the other hand, there’s more to the machine on the massage side which includes a soothing heat emission for better relaxation. Also, it helps in blood circulation and gives you a sense of a relaxed mind.

4. MedMassager Therapeutic

MedMassager Therapeutic

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Simple looking yet a powerful foot massager, the MedMassager Therapeutic is beyond the expectations. It comes along with 11 different vibrating massage speeds ranging from 1000rpm to 3700rpm. Despite the fact that the massager is simple in looks, yet it gives a much better massage than many good looking foot massagers and you know what the best thing is? It doesn’t work only for feet but also some other parts of the body too which includes the lower back, legs, and calves.

As clear from its name the this best foot massager is actually Therapeutic. It relaxes your muscles and helps in improving your blood flow. Also, if you’re suffering from neuropathy, the MedMassager Therapeutic can be your companion to help you in pain relief. As for usability, the massager is simple to operate with the buttons. Furthermore, it’s recommended to use the massager on low-speed settings as on high-speed settings your muscles might feel soreness.

5. MaxKare Foot Spa

MaxKav Foot Spa

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Here’s a different addition to our best foot massagers list, the MaxKave Foot Spa which is a feature-rich machine and cares more about your relaxation than any other expensive machine out there on the market. First and foremost, we have the heating feature that not only gives relief to your feet also your mind. On the other hand, bubbling feature also adds up more to your comfort. On top of that, there’s an intense vibration feature on the MaxKave Foot Spa and all the features combined together gives a perfect massage.

As for the use, the MaxKave Foot Spa has a small led on the front that gives you different indications. Besides that, you’ll find the power, bubble, temperature, and vibration buttons which makes the use of this best foot spa massager easy. Moreover, the massager has enough space to fit the feet of any size and the best part is that the massager doesn’t spill out even a drop of water. Whereas, the water tank is completely transparent.

6. NekTeck


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Another Shiatsu massager on the table, the Nekteck is a pro in all types of massages including the heat, vibration, and air compression. Furthermore, unlike the old foot massagers, the NekTeck looks futuristic because of it’s beautifully designed ergonimics. The foot chambers are equipped with soft cloth to achieve a higher level of comfort. On the other hand, if the cloth gets dirty, you can wash it afterward which keeps the environment clean.

Back to the functions, the air compression on the NekTeck has 2 different settings which help more in improving the blood flow on your feet. Whereas, the vibration feature is great for pain and stress relief. Furthermore, the heating will play a role in relaxing your mind. This way you will have a fresh ahead once you get a massage from NekTeck in the morning. Moreover, the controls are featured on the front which makes this best home foot massager easy to use.

7. Arealer

Arealer Foot Massager

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Finally, here comes the Arealer, the first wrist remote control foot massager on the list of best foot massagers 2022. The Arealer comes along with several useful functions including vibration, and heating, and yes it gives you perfect shiatsu and kneading foot massage. Furthermore, it’s a really helpful foot massager for blood circulation, pain, and stress relief. Apart from foot massage, you can use Arealer for back, calf and arm massage. Thus, its a such massager that help you in relieving pain and muscles fatigue of different body parts.

As the Arealer is a wrist remote control machine, so you have control of almost everything and it includes change the time, speed, rotatory direction, heat control and ON/OFF. You can also change these functions from the buttons on the front panel. On top of that, it comes with 6 Shiatsu massage heads for releasing tiredness of feet and giving relief from stress. Moreover, this best electric foot massager comes with stunning ergonimics. The build quality is also good and most importantly, you can move the massager from place to place with ease as it is a lightweight machine.

8. Homedics

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

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Last we have the Homedics foot massager for you which carries more functions at an affordable price. Starting from its heat function, the Homedics allows you to have soothing heat massage on your feet and you can increase or decrease the heat intensity according to your desire. Whereas, the vibration function is more powerful, giving you relief from stress and pain. Moreover, same like the Beurer FM360, the Homedics comes along with the massage heads but the only difference is that it comes covered with the smooth material.

As for the design, this the best compact and modern-looking foot massager which carries more stuff in this small size. There’s a touch power button that can be pressed with your toe. On the other hand, on the massage heads portion, there are all of the massage function. The most important one is breathing mesh. In a few words, the Homedics is a nice deal for those folks who need a portable and affordable foot massager.


These are some of the best foot massagers that we reviewed for you and we did our best to collect all the information that you need in order to choose the best electric foot massager. The FAQs portion will help you out in clearing all the queries that you might have. If you still have some questions, you can ask them in a comment box. You can also give us your feedback and suggestions on the foot massagers that we chose for you in order to improve our works for you.

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