Best Massage Chair 2022: (Relax and Stay Healthy)

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There’s no denying that the best massage chair is relaxing and good for blood circulation. Instead of paying a massage therapist, the massage chair is way better than that. You have to pay once for a massage chair and that’s it. On the other hand, a massage chair has more features to offer like heating, vibration, Knocking, tapping, air pressure, and there’s more to the massage chair which we will discuss in the coming portion.

Moreover, there are more benefits of a massage chair which include Reduction in anxiety, Improvement in heart health, you’ll sleep better, giving a boost to the immune system, relief from back pain, and even helps in regulating of your hormones. It’s obvious that you won’t get all of it from a massage therapist. Anyway, let me introduce some of the top trending and best massage chairs in 2022.

Best Massage Chairs List 2022

  1. Ugears Massage Chair
  2. HoMedics Massage Chair
  3. Real Relax Massage Chair
  4. Kahuna Massage Chair
  5. Full Body Electric Shiatsu
  6. Shhjjyp Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  7. Zarifa Z-Smart Massage Chair

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Best Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best massage chair can be stressful in 2022 as most of the companies are out of stock or they are not manufacturing such chairs more. However, there are some of the best massage chair brands that are still in the business and we have selected all these massage chairs from these brands. On the other hand, there are different types of massage chairs. Some are limited from neck to lower back. While others have full access to your whole body. Definitely, the whole body massage chairs are expensive. Whereas, the ones that have access to a few parts of your body don’t come pricy. Also, the price varies with the features that a massage chair has. To solve all of these issues, here we have compiled a list of a few points that you need to consider before buying a massage chair.

What Does a Good Massage Chair Cost?

it actually depends on how feature-rich a massage chair is and to which body parts the massage chair has access to. For example, there are massage chairs that are pretty much good at everything. Like from head to feet, the massage chair goes beyond your expectations and massages each part of your body. Plus they have different types of modes. In this case, the massage chair can cost $4000 – $10000. On the other hand, there are massage chairs that are limited to some of your body parts alongside limited modes. In this case, you have to leave $500 – $1500 on the table. This concludes these two extremes and the choice is yours.

Is it Worth Having a Massage Chair?

Here you have two options, either you hire a massage therapist for which you have to pay repetitively or get a good massage chair which is a one-time investment in your health. Now, which one is better? leaving hundreds of dollars on the table for a massage therapist or buying the best massage chair that will obviously cost you more but it’s a one-time payment. So yes, buying the best massage chair for your home would be a great idea. This way, you’ll save more time which you waste on going to a massage therapist.

Important Technologies

There are some basic massages that you can get from a massage chair like rolling massage, vibration massage, heat massage, and there are many other technologies that the best massage chair must have. There are two categories of these technologies Which are the core features and therapeutic features and I am going to break down each one of them in detail.

Core Tecnologies

Massage Track

There are three types of massage tracks which are here down below and all the details are added to these massage tracks.

Fixed Frame: On the entry-level massage chairs this is a common thing. Actually, it’s a frame in the form of a rectangle and is attached to the massage. The head is actually for vibration massage which actually doesn’t give you the message of your desire.

S-Track Frame: Such type of massage track is found on the medium-level massage chairs and it’s better than a fixed frame. What it actually does is that it actually rolls from your neck and follows your spine all the way down and gives you a relaxing feeling.

L-Track Frame: The L-Track is found in the most expensive massage chairs and it’s the best of all. It includes the S-Track and L/S-Track making it a hybrid track. It actually targets your whole body up to your thighs which gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling.

All other Core Technologies

First of all, we have the roller array technology which includes things like scanning your whole body before starting a massage, technology for no adjustment, and automatic adjustments. Whereas, there are different massage modes. Also, you have an extra air massage mode which is found on higher-level massage chairs. Moreover, there are different control methodologies.

Therapeutic Features

There are many different features that massage chairs occupy. Yet some of the best cheap massage chairs don’t come with some of them. However, the expensive ones have all of them. It includes deep tissue massage, Zero gravity, therapeutic heat, point and zone massage modes, calf, and foot massage, and also the yoga style body stretching. The best massage chairs that come with such features are much better than hiring a massage therapist.

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Best Massage Chair Reviews 2022

1. Ugears Massage Chair

Ugears Massage Chair

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Massage chairs are expensive but not more than what you would pay to a massage therapist. However, the Ugears Massage chair is a great massage chair with excellent options while on the other side, this massage chair is less expensive when compared with other chairs that offer the same functions. Whereas, the chair is more relaxing for your body. We’ll come towards the benefits of this best massage chair but before that let me shortly mention the main functionalities of the Ugears Massage Chair. First of all when you lay down on the Ugears Massage Chair, first it scans your whole body in order to find out the points where the massager can exert pressure. On the basis of that, the machine adjusts itself for your body massage. Whereas, most of your body is stays attached to the massager.

Now getting back to what actually this best massage chair does to your body. It targets almost every point on your body including the shoulders, neck, arms, upper and lowers back hip, calves, legs, and feet, and gives it a deep massage with its 32 airbags. As a result, you achieve the perfect relaxation after taking a massage from an Ugears Massage chair. Talking about the message types that Ugears Massage chair offers are knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and a lot of other massage methods that help to relax your whole body. What makes it different from other massage chairs is the Thai-style massage that will relax your whole body in a more comfortable way. On the other hand, there are 2 heating devices that are located at the waist of the massage chair helps in warming your waist.

2. HoMedics

HoMedics Massage Chair

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HoMedics is famous for manufacturing different massage products and here we have a modern HoMedics massage chair. This best massage chair excludes the legs and feet massage because in this price range is you can get such a massage chair. Despite the fact that the HoMedics isn’t equipped with more features, it still has something awesome for you. All of the functions are controlled with an app that makes things easy to operate. Furthermore, there 4 massage styles including the shiatsu massage, gentle rolling massage, intense massage, and deep tissue massage. Whereas, you can adjust this best-rated massage chair to your desired position.

Not only that but the seat on the chair is customizable. This means you can bring changes to your chair the way you like. In addition to everything, the HoMedics massage chair isn’t coming slow with its heating feature which gives you the relaxation of a higher level. However, the heating feature is optional, you want to use it or not, it’s up to you. The areas that it targets start from the neck and shoulders and ends at the lower back. Shortly enough, the HoMedics is a great relaxation asset that no other best cheap massage chair is. Getting your hands on this chair won’t be a regret afterward.

3. Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair

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Real Relax is a zero gravity massage chair that offers a lot of features and massage modes like an expensive massage chair but still, it is one of the affordable ones. Further, Real Relax looks magnificent and durable because of its lovely design and strong built. More, this massage chair provides full body massage meaning that it can give you a massage from head to toe. Also, the manufacturer has added a Bluetooth function in the chair so that you can fully enjoy the massage while listening to your favorite music and thus you will feel more relaxed and will release your stress in a better way.

Furthermore, Real Rolex is equipped with a recliner that gives you the option to adjust the chair according to your preference so that you experience a relaxing massage. Moreover, this massage chair comes with 6 auto massage modes including Shiatsu, neck, back, leg, feet, arm massages, etc. Plus, the heating and air compressor features will give you ultra relaxation, increase your blood circulation in the body, and will relieve you from any kind of stress. Also, you can control all the features and functions from the remote control. Hence, if you want an affordable full body massage chair that features a lot of functions then the Real Relax massage chair is an ideal choice for you.

4. Kahuna Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair

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Kahuna is a zero-gravity massage chair that has everything that you need for a perfect massage. From head to toe, the Kahuna massages your everything which gives you a relaxing and relaxing feeling both at the same time. On the other hand, the chair is beautifully designed but the only downside is that it might occupy a lot of space in your room. Moreover, it’s coated with nice looking and high-quality brown leather which makes look good. The chair weighs 249 pounds which makes it a little heavy. In dimensions, it’s calculated at 60″ x 27″ x 32″ making it a little bulky. Overall, the chair is comfortable and sound.

Moreover, there are more features on the Kahuna massage chair. Starting from the body scanner, the Kahuna massage chair first scans your body to find out the size of your body and the pressure point on your body. Secondly, you’re provided with a controller that comes attached to the massage chair and it helps you to apply different options including vibrations, air pressure, Yoga stretching, dual foot rolling massage, arms, neck massage, back massage, you name it and the Kahuna massage chair has it.

5. Full Body Electric Shiatsu

Fully Assembled Curved-Massage Chair

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Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is a decent looking massage that comes in back color. Other than that this best home massage chair comes with decent functionalities that combine together to give you relaxing massage that you won’t have from a massage therapist. There are actually 5 options. The first one is a knocking massage and as clear from its name that it knocks your body in a gentle way. Next, we have air pressure which is more relaxing to the body. Moreover, there comes the kneading, shiatsu, and tapping massages, and all these modes together completely dominate your body for a maximal massage. Other than that the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair comes along with a control panel which is located on the right side and you can apply any massage mode with the help of this panel. A long story short, this best massage chair relaxes your whole body except your legs.

6. Shhjjyp Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Here comes one of the expensive yet feature-rich massage chairs, Shhjjyp Zero Gravity. The ergonomics on the Shhjjyp look stunning and it’s strongly built. Also, it gives you massage from head to toe with different modes and features. Moreover, there is a recliner equipped with this massage chair which is adjustable and the company did a great job to add this feature while keeping your comfort in mind. Furthermore, it balances your blood circulation and releases your stress in all manners.

Other than that, there are surprisingly different modes which are a long story and they are even more as compared to the low-budget massage chairs. The modes that I am talking about are Kneading, rolling, vibration, and shiatsu massages which are common in almost any massage chair. However, something different here is the slamming and airbag massage which helps you achieve the ultimate relaxation, stress, and pain relief after a stressful day of work. Shortly enough, the Shhjjyp Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a great deal available to you on the market.

7. Zarifa Z-Smart Massage Chair

Zarifa Z-Smart Massage Chair

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In the end, we have another comfortable massage chair which is good in all manners. From design to functions, the Zarifa Z-Smart Massage Chair offers everything and gives you the massage as a professional massage therapist would. There are many technologies equipped inside this chair and it includes the three-way and four-way massage, around 8 different programs, and much more. Starting from its design, the Zarifa Z-Smart comes in different colors but here we have the red one whose dimensions are not too big nor too small but yes it will take some space in your room.

Moreover, the chair has a feature that stretches your waist during the massage to avoid any injury during the massage. Same as the other best massage chairs, the Zarifa Z-Smart Massage Chair comes along with air pressure, vibration, etc which gives you the massage of your dreams. It almost gets to all parts of your body which is fair enough. Other than that the massage chair is also adjustable. You can lay down on the chair to some extent or you can sit down on the chair, the choice is yours and the chair will balance itself perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a massage chair when pregnant safe?

When it comes to the safety concerns of massage chairs for pregnant women, there are no such issues proved yet. Although, there were numerous claims about pressure points simulation in the back region causing preterm labor. But there is no such evidence found in the support of this claim. There is amniotic fluid where the unborn baby is kept safe it absorbs the vibrations experienced by the expecting mother.

What is the zero gravity massage chair feature?

The zero-gravity feature in the massage chair reclines it in a position where you can recline in a position above or on the same level as the heart. So, while taking the massage on massage chair having the zero gravity massage feature user feels weightlessness, lowering blood pressure, and many more.

These were some of the best massage chairs of 2022 and we tried to cover almost every detail with certainty. The Buyer’s Guide of the massage chairs will help you in choosing the best massage chair. Also, there different price ranges for these chairs and the functionalities vary with the price. We did our best regarding these chairs. Now it’s your turn to give us your feedback on these massage chairs. You can use our contact form or comment box to share your thoughts with us.

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