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You will know the importance of a neck massager in our daily life. We all feel neck pain after long days sitting in a chair, but we never pay attention to it. There are certain techniques by which you can prevent neck pain and other methods to get rid of it without a massager. However, if you feel the need to own one, we have listed the most prominent neck massagers of 2022 in the market.

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Long hours of staring at the screen are one of the main reasons for neck pain, especially now that working from home is a thing. On the other hand, it is believed that some 10% of the world population suffers from neck pain at a time. So, if you are one of them, you need not worry. The right tools and techniques will help you get over this pain and get your daily tasks done with ease. We reviewed some of the best neck massagers for 2022 and discussed certain benefits and techniques to overcome neck pain.

What’s so good about neck massagers is that you do not need to fix an appointment with some therapist or visit a spa. All you need to do is to get the right neck massager and overcome your pain at home. On the upside, these massage tools for the neck are pretty affordable.

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HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck & Shoulder Massager

HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe

Ergonomic design


InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

InvoSpa Shiatsu

20 modes
Pain relief

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Neck Massage and Pain Avoidance Techniques

Before we start with what the best neck massagers are, let’s dig deep into how one can avoid neck pain and the best techniques to overcome neck pain.

Neck Pain Prevention

You can easily avoid neck pain, and you won’t need to get into all the details about massage techniques and buy a massager for it. These are basic things; by following these, you would feel just fine, and there won’t be any muscle pains, let alone your neck.

  • Good Sleeping Position: One of the very common causes of neck pain is the way you sleep. All you have to do is sleep in such a position that your neck and head are aligned; also, make sure you use a relevantly small pillow. And you can further correct your sleeping position if you sleep straight on your back and keep a pillow or something elevated under your legs.
  • Good Posture: Another way of avoiding unnecessary neck pain is keeping a good posture; you have to sit straight, stand straight and walk straight. If you sit with your back and shoulders bent over, then it’s time to get things in order. A better way of solving this issue can be using a good posture corrector.
  • Working in Segments: Taking a break from any work you do is a good technique for avoiding neck pain. Not only a sitting job, but any other job puts a strain on your muscles, so it is good to take small breaks in-between tasks. Or much better would it be if you could switch between tasks and don’t work on the same task for a long period.
  • Monitor & Chair Adjustment: For those whose job is to sit all day at your desk and stare at the screen. It is good to adjust it in such a way so that the screen is directly ahead of your eye level. This way, you do not need to bend or move your neck a lot, and so no neck pain will ever come near you.

Neck Massage Techniques

To every problem, we humans have created numerous solutions, and the same happens here. There are numerous ways of neck massage, each of which comes with its own benefits. So, before knowing what massager you need, it is important to know the types of neck massages. This way, you will be able to wisely choose the best neck massager for you because almost all of them are based on the techniques discussed here.

  • Deep Tissue Kneading: This massage technique is applied just the way it sounds. We all are familiar with kneading or bread or dough. By using this technique, force is applied through our outer soft tissues to the inner bones. It feels a bit harsh when in action, but you will enjoy totally fresh and strong muscles later on. This method is beneficial for better flexibility and proper blood movement inside our bodies.
  • Shiatsu Massage: This is one of the most famous massage techniques, and it comes from Japan. In this method, thumbs or fingers apply pressure at points that will remove pain and relaxation muscles. Most electric neck massagers are manufactured based on this technique; they are efficient and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Heat & Vibration: These two should not be referred to as specific massage techniques. However, several neck massagers use this mechanism; you will find such a machine in the reviews below. Some neck massagers come with heati9ng pads where heat is applied to your neck, and so this helps the muscles relax and give way to proper blood flow. In addition, some neck massagers are basically vibrators, which, when used on the back of your neck and can give you instant relief from pain and result in a better blood flow

Benefits of Neck Massage

Most people do not give proper attention to minor neck pain, which can later become a catastrophe. Here is what benefits neck massage brings with it. Just so you,, it is good to go for an electric neck massager instead of waiting for your pain to disappear itself.

Proper Posture

The neck and shoulders are the upper parts of the body. The upper part of the body is most stressed when you exercise a lot, sleep the wrong way or sit at your job for a very long time. Proper neck and shoulder massage will ensure your upper body is intact and relaxed, so your posture will never go out of shape.

Sleep Order

A good neck massage will make sure your back and upper body is relaxed and is the way it should be. By doing so, you will e able to get proper sleep because most people can’t sleep for long hours because of problems in their back, neck, and shoulders.

No More Headaches

Not all headaches are the same; some occur from getting out of your routine, while others may occur by having disorderly food. One of the reasons for headaches is a contraction of the head and neck muscles. Now, a neck massager will make sure there is no contraction in your muscles, so you will be relieved from most of your headaches.

Better Blood Flow

The stimulation of muscles gives way to increased blood circulation. When this happens, more than usual, oxygen and nutrients are supplied to your muscles, resulting in the rebuilding of muscles. This, of course, is what you need after working long hours non-stop.

Overall Mobility

Who does not care for a good active body in order to carry out all your errands without getting tired? Well, neck massage can be beneficial in many other ways, one of which is you will spend a good day without getting tired. Your posture will be upright, you will feel better mobility in your shoulders, and throwing a baseball will be a piece of cake.


Best Neck Massager Reviews 2022

1. HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe

Muscle kneading for neck

HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck & Shoulder Massager

View on Amazon

Similar to what happens in a shiatsu massage, the HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe comes with nodes that rotate at points on your neck to give you a good massage. It goes all over your shoulder, starting from the neck. The design of the best shiatsu neck massager is made to give you a relaxing feel all over and does not annoy you at all. The way it is framed makes it flexible, so there are no issues regarding the size of it, all you have to do is to wear it, and it will automatically. As for how it works, you can turn it on, wear it and lie back, and then it will do the rest. Also, it comes with auto-shut after 15 minutes in case you go to sleep. Besides, it comes with 3 different speeds so you can go for what you like the most and also there is a heating feature which you can use on-demand.

2. InvoSpa Shiatsu Neck Massager

Electric full body massager

InvoSpa Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

View on Amazon

Another best neck and shoulder massager based on the shiatsu technique is the InvoSpa Massager. It comes with 8 different nodes, which mimic how a human thumb will do the massage. 4 out of these nodes are small, and nodes change direction every minute to make you feel that someone real is doing all the work. It comes in black color and is portable enough to be carried anywhere you go. More, it is not a simple massager rather the best neck massager with heat. You can easily turn the heat function on and feel all the relaxation in the world at your neck. The handling of your hands makes it even more comfortable; this way, you can ensure the nodes are at the right place and stay there throughout the massaging.

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3. QUINEAR Massage Gun

Offers 6 massage heads

QUINEAR Massage Gun

View on Amazon

With an ergonomic design, 20-speed variations, and 6 different massage heads, the QUINEAR Massage Gun is a fine choice for those with neck pain problems. What it really does is relieve massage soreness and help you start over again with all your work. This best neck massager works on the deep tissue massage technique, which is a good option to go for. Besides, it is a quiet one. It automatically reduces the heat the machine produces so that you can use it for long intervals. Also, the neck massager operates wireless and turns OFF itself after 10 minutes, enabling you to track howling you used the massager.

4. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck Massager

Kneading massage pillow

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

View on Amazon

What’s so good about this neck massager is that it is shaped like a pillow. This frees you from all the long covers and sides which traditional shiatsu massager comes with, and neither does it take lots of space when packing it. Its slim design makes it possible for you to carry it anywhere on your journey. As you know by now, this best neck massager is based on the famous shiatsu technique and has a heating option. You can use it for other body parts besides your neck like shoulders, back, legs, etc. The heat feature has auto-shut after 20 minutes. Even better is that when the working temperature is exceeded, it will shut off automatically for your safety.

5. RESTECK Massager for Neck

Deep tissue 3D kneading pillow

RESTECK Massager for Neck

View on Amazon

RESTECK neck massager is the best way to get rid of your neck pain in style. It is one of the best neck and back massagers, which comes in unisex color, so it is usable by all. Besides, you get a carrying bag with it, which makes it even more attractive. Besides the basic shiatsu style massage, which of course, is best at, what really makes it worth it is the fact that you get both wall and car adapters with it. So you can use it anywhere on the go. Also, its design does not restrict it to the neck only; in fact, you can use it for your shoulders, abdomen, and legs as well. And but not the least, on the left of it is its operation button using which you can regulate the heating option and do much more.

6. MagicHands truShiatsu Neck Massager

Eye in every detail

MagicHands truShiatsu Neck Massager

View on Amazon

MagicHands truShiatsu comes with a higher price tag compared to other electric shiatsu neck massagers. But the high price is not for no reason; this massager excels in both performance and design compared to others. Had it been a bit affordable, it would have been our top choice. First of all, you can get one of these out of the three available colors: red, blue, and green. Then is the fact that its bans are designed so that it becomes much more comfortable than other neck massagers with this design. Also, the material used is long-lasting and comfortable. Speaking of its efficiency, the massager nodes of this best neck and shoulder massager mimic. The movement of natural hands and thumbs very accurately; you sometimes forget if you are being treated by an electric massager or a real trainer shiatsu massager.

7. HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

Best with dual pivoting heads

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

View on Amazon

HoMedics Percussion is a kneading style massager which comes in a handheld-like shape, so it is a handheld massager. Apart from its efficiency, which we will speak of later, the design of it is insane. It simply makes it a lot easier for you to reach out to any part of your body, especially the neck. Now speaking of performance, this massager here comes with two massage heads that do their work in kneading style and so you are free from your neck pain easily. Besides, the massager is lightweight and portable, so carrying it on journeys is a thing. Also, you can control the massage speed on it, which obviously is a good customization option for all of us.

8. Snailax Cordless Handheld Massager

Portable wand massager

Snailax Cordless Handheld Massager

View on Amazon

Our next best massager for the neck is based on a vibration motor. Unlike other popular neck massagers, it is not based on the shiatsu technique. Still, the vibration motor on it does a lot to relieve pain and sore muscles. Four things that actually set this massager apart from others are its portable nature, its cordless use, versatile use because of multiple heads, and ease of use. These different heads and speeds make it good for almost all parts of your body. Also, the battery on it gives around 80 minutes of backup after a full charge. So, portability, efficiency, and a great design bring this among the neck massage reviews.

9. RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Deep Massager

Electric percussion body massage

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager

View on Amazon

Next up, the RENPHO rechargeable massager is considered the best back and neck massager for many reasons. The fact that it has a vast consumer base makes one think about what would be so good about it. First off, this best cordless neck massager gives you a backup of around 140 minutes which is huge. So, you can take it around anywhere, to the office, home, or a park, and take full benefits out of it. Moreover, its design makes it easy to use. You can control the speed of it and also switch between different massage modes. Also, another thing that sets it apart from other massagers is the handle grip; the massager never gets out of your hand. And last but not least, you get one-point, three-point, round and curved heads that work well for different parts of your body.

10. SereneLife Electric Neck Massager

Cordless muscle massage machine

SereneLife Electric Neck Massager

View on Amazon

Another best massager for neck pain comes from SereneLife. It is portable, small in size, nicely efficient and on top of all this it comes with a battery on it, so it’s a cordless one. Speaking of its minimal nature, this neck massager is what you love because you can carry it in a backpack. But it also brings some drawbacks, one of which is that the massager is restricted to your neck only; no other body part can be treated with it. Apart from this, you will feel very relaxed after using the massager and its heat option. Additionally, it comes with remote control and an LCD on it. Obviously, a little touch of technological advancement is always appreciated.

11. LuxFit Neck Massager

Customized shiatsu massager intensity

LuxFit Neck Massager

View on Amazon

LuxFit Neck Massager is not a massager per se, rather a tool for dealing with sore muscles from different parts of your body. It’s a folded rod having massage nodes that are ball-like in shape. You will have to manually place it on your neck and other parts of your body and apply pressure accordingly. This neck pain massager brings with it is targeting; you always know how much pressure your muscle needs, and you apply it accordingly. Now obviously, this thing requires some hard work and but rest assured, its results are awesome.

12. SMTALY Intelligent Neck Massager

A perfect gift for travel, home & office

SMTALY Intelligent Neck Massager

View on Amazon

This fancy-looking neck massager comes in good shape and design. In your first look, you will notice that it is very different from other neck massagers you usually see around. Its design is not the only new thing; it comes with other features and mechanisms, which makes it one of the best neck massagers around. On the inside, the massage uses TENS low-frequency therapy which is all about releasing tension using magnetic mechanisms. This leaves you with no pain and tiredness. For controls, you can do it from a smartphone app, and it even has heating features which are even better in winters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Effective Neck Massagers Are?

Well, no proper data is showing the effectiveness of neck massage machines. However, evidence suggests that neck massage from a proper masseuse can go a long way. This bodes well for a neck massager as well. A neck massager tries to mimic the hand movement of a masseuse, which is why one can conclude that it will be effective. Not only does it give you instant relief from pain, but it also reduces levels of anxiety and stress.

Can Neck Massagers cause Injury?

Injuries caused by the use of neck massagers are rare. If you read the user manual carefully and then use your neck massager as per the instructions, you need not worry. However, if you feel pain after using the massager or think it has any adverse effect, stop using it immediately.

So, as discussed earlier, most people ignore the pain in muscles around your neck, shoulders, or back. This sort of pain, when left untreated, can, later on, result in something big. For this, it is good to have a neck massager around every time; you can get rid of all your neck pain in minutes after using any neck massager. Our best neck massagers 2022 reviewed above come with all the qualities and design features one would want; Good Luck with the therapy!

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