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In this Article about the best portable massage table
You will come to know about the right equipment for a massage where it all starts, the massage table. We have shortlisted some best options on the basis of homework done by our expert team. And obviously, there is a buyer’s guide section that will take you through in your journey of choosing the best portable massage table 2022.

No massage therapy is bliss unless the right equipment is used. The platform you lie on matters the most before any technique and experience of a masseuse or a masseur. A massage table is where it all starts; this is where you get your initial comfort from. Now for those who would like to buy a massage table that is easy to fold or carry around, the best portable massage table is the answer. Such tables allow you to take them around and make sure you always have extra space whenever you are not using one.

Also, as the best portable massage table 2022, it can be a good option for those who are not currently on the job or are looking for a second income. You simply do not need a big name and space for massage therapy. Just own a portable massage table and then let your friends know; this is how to start your business and give good massages for relaxation. Now, let’s go through some of the brilliant portable tables for massage and how you know which of the lot is the best one.

Our Top Picks

Editor’s Choice

Montclair Professional Massage Table

Montclair Professional

Mahogany Hardwood Legs
Support 1500 lbs weight


EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table


Superior comfort
Patented face cradle

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Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Best Portable Massage Table

Choosing the best massage portable table is not that much tough and tricky, but it needs a bit of attention. There are several features that you must have to check before picking the one from the market. We have tried our best to explain all the possible factors below, so your focus on them will never let you go for any wrong product.


When you are searching for the best portable massage table 2022, it absolutely means you are looking for the one that is light in weight. But on the other side, it also matters how much weight can be handled by the portable massage table. There are many portable massage tables available in the market that can take the weight of over 400 pounds that is more than enough, but if you want more than this. Hence, there are also some expensive models available. As concerned as their weight, so most of them weigh 40 to 50 pounds, also there comes a casing with them into which they can be stored and carried everywhere.

Build Material

Before buying anything, the build material is the focus point for most of the users. The same is the scenario in purchasing the portable massage tables. You will find most of them build with wooden material, and they are favorite choices all the time. On the other side, there is an assumption regarding the aluminum massage tables that they are stronger but lack portability. So for making them portable, manufacturers do compromise on using the thin aluminum for designing the legs and frame so they can’t take more weight then.


Besides all other features, foam is the one that matters a lot for the user’s comfort level. Thicker the foam higher will be the comfort level of taking massage on the table. Most of the portable massage tables are housed with 2 inches thick foam. Some expensive and best-quality products come with up to 4 inches of thick foam, and they are the best choices. More, foam quality matters a lot. Some units have foam with small cells and are dense, while the others have less dense foams to maintain their shape easily.

Height Adjustability

Different peoples in the world are of different heights. So the massage tables that offers a height adjustment feature can entertain peoples from all groups without straining the back. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that all the portable massage tables are not height-adjustable, and they come up with around 26 to 40 inches height. The suggestion from our side is first to buy the height adjustable massage table or if you want it for personal use, then buy the one that best suits your size.

Other Features

Several other features need your attention, and if you ignore them, you will probably get the wrong product then. You must have to check the upholstery of the portable massage table. The leather build is the best choice because it’s strong and keeps all kinds of allergies away from the client. Moreover, the cable system also holds importance in the working procedure of the portable massage tables. They must have to be as strong as you want the brake in the car, as they support the weight on the massage table. Finally, checking the size of portable massage before buying it is a good practice. It needs to be checked whether it can be adjusted in the area where you are going to place it. Also, the portability factor gets involved in the size of the portable massage table. Most of them are around 77 inches long and 28 inches wide, while others have large dimensions.


Best Portable Massage Table Reviews

1. Montclair Professional Massage Table

Table package with memory foam

Montclair Professional Massage Table

View on Amazon

Suppose you are looking for the best massage portable massage table. In that case, the Montclair Professional massage table will be the best choice for you then. It comes with a size of 31 inches in width and 84 inches in length. Its height can be adjusted, so it’s the preferable device for people with different heights. Moreover, it is housed with a cushion of multi-layer small cell foam that delivers the best comfort to the client while taking a massage on it. In the packing, you will find some more accessories, including an adjustable face cradle and 4 pockets carrying case. Also, there is a fully padded armrest in the packing. Finally, if you are the one who loves to pay some extra bucks for the super best quality, then buy this one without having any second thought.

2. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

Superior comfort

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

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In the world of the best all-in-one portable massage tables, EARTHLITE is the name of excellence. It comes with an elegant design and the best features that guarantee its fame among the users. It offers the most suitable size of around 30″ x 73″. Moreover, it is housed with a soft, dense cushion that delivers the best comfort to the users while having the massage. The adjustable head comes with a poly-gel blend face cradle in the package for proper positioning on it. Furthermore, there are non-slip stable feet sure-grip knobs that make it possible for your clients to adjust their feet on it with ease and comfort. At last, if you are a professional massage service provider and want to add the perfect tool to your massage accessories. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table will be the ideal choice for you then.

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Long & height adjustable massage table


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Best massage portable bed spa is one of the massage accessories that adds perfection to your professional life. It comes with a 73 x 28 inches size and an adjustable height feature to provide your massage service to many clients. Moreover, it is housed with 2 inches thick sponge, so one can take the best and comfortable massage experience on it. In addition, its weight is only 29 pounds making it the love for those who want the best lightweight portable massage table. Its cover is made up of PVC leather, so it’s soft, durable, and easy to clean. More, you will never feel the build material smell, like other portable massage tables using the build material other than this. When it comes to weight carrying, it has the best capacity of around 500 pounds. While checking all its features and perfect design, some peoples assume it to be pricey. But, the case is the opposite here; this best rated portable massage table is available at an affordable price.

4. Portable Massage Bed Spa

Comfortable & strong

Portable Massage Bed Spa

View on Amazon

Many portable massage bed spas are available in the market, and no doubt, most of them are good. We have picked the super best from these best bed spas, have a look at its features. This best portable massage table comes with around 84 inches size. More, due to its height adjustment feature, all height-group individuals can enjoy it. The installation process is also straightforward. There is no need for special tools; one can easily fit them with hands. In addition, its weight is only 32 pounds, and it can take a weight of around 450 pounds on it that is more than enough. Also, the support cables are strong that providing better support for adjusting them. Furthermore, the height can be adjusted from 24″ to 34. When it comes to the price, it’s available at a budget price compared to its elegant design and best features.

5. Saloniture Professional Massage Table

Foldable & lightweight massage table

Saloniture Professional Massage Table

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Saloniture Professional Massage Table comes with perfect design and next-level features. Its weight is only 35 pounds, making it the best portable massage table and it can be carried everywhere you want. Also, there comes a carry case in the packing for travel purposes. Now let’s look at some of its cool features; there comes a deluxe cushion that provides a comfortable massage experience to the clients. Moreover, some detachable accessories come in the package, such as a sling under the headrest and the winged armrests. What makes this one the best choice is that it’s oil and waterproof. Furthermore, it can take the weight of almost 450 pounds as per its hardwood frame, and support cables made up of durable steel material. At last, you can enjoy all the features of the best portable massage table 2022 at an affordable price in the shape of the Saloniture Professional Massage Table.

6. Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

Beech hardwood frame

Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

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Suppose you are a massage expert and want to add the best portable massage table to your setup. In that case, Sierra comfort portable massage table is the one that works perfectly for you in this domain. It comes with a 73” x 28” size and is equipped with a height-adjustable feature that makes you capable of providing the service to all the tall and short clients. The manufacturer builds it with a hardwood frame with the support of multiple frame cables. Also, for providing extra comfort to the user, it is housed with a dense foam deck. Moreover, there is no need to be worried while using the water and oil on it as per its water and oil resistant feature. There are some other additional accessories such as a face cradle, face cushion, sheet set, and threaded support bar. When it comes to the price of this elegant product, you have to pay some extra pennies worth a lot for you as per all of its excellent features.

7. Yaheetech Massage Table

Removable accessories with some extra comfort

Yaheetech Massage Table

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Yaheetech massage table is the one that is designed by the manufacturer keeping all the quality perimeters in mind. It comes with 30 pounds weight and can take weight up to 250 pounds. Also, its cleaning and assembling process is very easy. Its spongy cushion has a cover of PVC leather to tackle with water and oil in a better way. Moreover, 8 height adjustments are offered by this best portable massage table, so you can adjust the height here according to the client’s comfort level and body shape. Furthermore, it addresses the armrest and headrest that can also be removed when there is no need. The best thing regarding the Yaheetech massage table is that it can be folded easily. And with the help of a portable case, you can carry it with you on travel easily.

8. EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage Table

SPA level comfort

EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage Table

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When your aim is to deliver complete luxury and comfort to your client. So you have to invest money in the right product for it. In this case, the EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage table is the one that will never let you go for any other product. This full-size massage table comes with round corners. Moreover, in its packing, you will get a flex-rest face cradle, face pillow, and a professional carry case. In addition, with a dense triple cushion, it’s the best choice among all the other massage tables. The build material used in this portable massage table is water and oil-resistant, so it’s easy to have an oil massage on it. Also, the cleaning process here is tension-free. Furthermore, it’s durable and shook proof as per its hardwood build material and strong supporting cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are portable massage tables safe?

Yes they are, however you should double on its weight support capacity. Most of the portable massage tables will easily support anything ranging from 250 to 300 pounds and sometimes even 350 pounds. Anyway, if you still want a weight support higher than this, those options are available as well.

How wide should my massage table be?

The width of a massage table can have its affect on two things. If it is too wide, it will cause problems for you when carrying it because the width is directly related to frame of the table. On the other hand if it is too thin, it will cause problem for you client and his/her shoulders will hand by the sides. So the most optimal width for a massage table, portable or not, is 29 to 30 inches.

For taking a personal massage or providing the massage service to clients portable massage table is one of the essential accessories in both areas. With the best portable massage table 2022, you can run the business everywhere you want; there is no need for one specific platform. But you have to pay some extra attention while buying the massage table. To clear this confusion that “what is the best portable massage table” our buyer’s guide section will probably helpful for you. Also, we have added some best products, so check your requirements and budget for grabbing the best one from them. Good Luck!

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