What is a Deep Tissue Massage? (5 Ways and Your FAQs)

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You will feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally by getting a massage. There are various types and techniques of massage that concentrate on different body parts or healing methods. Most people like and know about massage therapy, but they don’t know about deep tissue massage. So they ask, what is a deep tissue massage? That’s why we have come up with this guide that answers all your questions about deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy done by applying stable and firm pressure using low and deep strokes to reach the interior layers of muscles and connective tissues. Deep tissue massage mainly treats chronic aches and pain and contracted body parts like leg muscle tightness, stiff neck, upper back, low back pain, and sore shoulders.

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Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Deep tissue massage is specifically for those people who are suffering from muscular pains. Some of the main techniques of deep tissue massage that the physiotherapists are using for different muscular pains are as follow.


Cupping is an ancient therapy where a therapist puts special heated cups on your skin. After a few minutes, the heated cups become cool, a vacuum is created inside the cups, which sucks up blood from your skin. The suctioned blood contains toxins and excess fluids from the muscle tissues and stimulates the nervous system. Fresh blood is fetched to those muscle tissues and skin. Cupping therapy is mainly used for chronic pain, particularly back pain and headaches.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger Point therapy
Trigger points are sensitive spots in soft tissues that cause deep aching. Mainly these trigger points are the reason for back pain and neck pain. Trigger point therapy helps in eliminating these types of pains. This therapy is done by applying pressure on these trigger points, and due to this, the flow of blood temporarily stops to those body parts, and then the pressure is released. Because of this, fresh blood floods to that part of the body. This technique also helps in the circulation of fresh oxygen around your body.

Balinese massage

Balinese massage
It is a full-body, deep tissue massage that will give you a sense of calm, wellbeing, and deep relaxation. This type of deep tissue massage is a combination of reflexology, acupressure, light scratches, and aromatherapy. All these help stimulate your blood flow and oxygen around your body, and you will feel more energetic after doing this massage. Balinese massage is best for treating sports injuries and helps treat other physical problems like knotted tissues.

Cross-fiber friction

Cross-fiber friction
Also known as deep friction massage that is particularly used for connective tissues. This massage is applied transversely to that certain tissue and thus increases blood circulation to that tissue. The main goal of friction massage is to keep the flexibility within the soft tissue structures of ligament, muscle, and tendon. More, the Cross-fiber friction technique can also be used for the treatment of chronic pains.

Myofascial release

Myofascial release
Another technique that is used by physiotherapists during deep tissue massage for treating those patients who have skeletal muscle pain and immobility. This is a stretching technique that includes the stretching of contracted muscles and thus you will feel negligible contraction and less pain in your muscles.

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Deep Tissue Massage FAQs

How To Give a Deep Tissue Massage?

How to give a Deep Tissue Massage
Most people ask that how they can give a deep tissue massage to their partner or friend. Deep tissue massage can be performed by applying pressure of your hands, arms, and body weight on the muscle of another person. There are several types of deep tissue massage, like deep tissue back massage, deep tissue foot massage, etc., that you can give to your partner or friend at home. But here, we will discuss the most common and easy method of deep tissue massage, which is “Relaxing a Person.”

In this method, firstly, you will lie down the person on a table or bed with their face facing downward. Then cover the person’s body parts on which you are not applying the deep tissue massage. Because most people feel uncomfortable when they are fully exposed. Next, pour a bit of massage oil into your hands and then gently apply it to the person’s body. Use broad strokes throughout the person’s back; this helps in spreading out the oil and gives relaxation to the person. Now slowly run your hands across the back of the person. This will warm up and relaxes the person, and then you have to start working on the deep tissue. If you go for the deep tissue earlier, it will tense up the person and also causes pain. Next, use your whole hand and fingers together and gently rub that area where you want to give a deep tissue massage. Just apply a little pressure on that area so that your hand feels. That’s it, your relaxing massage has been completed. From this point onward, you can go for a back massage or shoulder massage, which totally depends on the person.

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

There are various benefits of deep tissue massage, both for physical and mental health. Any type of deep tissue massage will relax you and help treat some of the medical problems of your body. Some of the important benefits of deep tissue massage are

Stress Relief

You will be relieved from stress by getting a deep tissue massage. Whether you are experiencing stress at work or home, a message will relieve you from any kind of stress for an extended period. Besides, a massage helps increase the levels of a hormone called Oxytocin that helps relax the body. Apart from mental health, it also helps treat physical stress such as muscle tightness, back pain, etc.

Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage also helps in the healing of any kind of chronic pain such as lower back and upper back pain, stiff neck, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, and muscle tension. Research has shown that deep tissue massage effectively treats chronic pains than other medical treatments.

Helps in lowering Blood pressure and Heart rate

As we know that stress and tension directly affect the blood pressure and heart rate of an individual. But we also know that getting a deep tissue massage helps in relieving you from stress. That’s why a massage keeps you healthy by lowering your blood pressure.

Helps in Reducing Arthritis Symptoms

Deep tissue massage can also be used to treat different arthritis symptoms like stiffness, pain, and limited range of motion in joints. So, if you are suffering from arthritis symptoms, then you should get a deep tissue massage.

How often should you get a deep tissue massage?

Many people can be benefited from deep tissue massage, whether they are professional athletes or average people. The getting of massage mainly depends on your condition and symptoms, whether you are suffering from chronic pain or acute injury. Every day people should get a deep tissue massage once in 2-3 months. Still, professional athletes should get a massage after a week or two weeks as they engage in various activities.

What happens when you get a deep tissue massage?

When you get deep tissue massage therapy, you will feel pain for a day or two days in those parts of your body which have been massaged, so it’s not an issue. But if you are experiencing pain for more time, then you should contact your therapist.

What to do after a deep tissue massage?

After a deep tissue massage therapy, you need to drink more water because the massage increases blood circulation and the lymphatic system in the body. This means that your muscles will receive more nutrients and oxygen and will cleanse from waste toxins. This cleansing of waste toxins can make you dehydrated; that’s why you have to drink water to prevent yourself from dehydration. Moreover, you can apply ice on those body parts that have been massaged, which will help you reduce swelling and pain.

This article includes all the information and techniques you want to know about deep tissue massage. After going through this article, you will know everything regarding deep tissue massage, and it will help you get it at your home. More, the FAQs section will clear out all your questions that come to your mind concerning deep tissue massage.

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