What is a Swedish massage? Techniques and Benefits

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You might have heard about this most common & classical massage type, it involves soft, rhythmic, and long kneading strokes along with tapping strokes on the upper layer of your body muscles. It is energizing, relaxing improves blood circulation, and relieves body pain with the movement of joints. Apart from that, this massage type brings an exceptional calm and balanced effect on the overall nervous system.

As discussed earlier, Swedish massage carries numerous benefits and some of them are mentioned below.

Swedish massage Techniques

These are the top 5 techniques of a Swedish massage as follows

Effleurage: This technique is very effective at finding the knot in the muscle and overall body. It consists of long strokes done with the help of fingertips or the palm of the hand. These strokes can be soft or hard as needed for getting rid of the knots. This technique can also be regarded as the warm-up technique for a massage.

Petrissage: This technique is more regressive which involves kneading the muscles of the massage area. In this technique, a massage therapist targets the specific area and goes deep into the muscle to target the fascia and connective tissues. It is mainly used for relaxing and loosening the muscles so that they can be prepared for the next technique.

Tapotement: This technique uses the side of the hands of the massage therapist. It consists of fast tapping that further loosens the muscles resulting in relaxation and better blood flow.

Friction: This technique involves rubbing the massage therapist’s hands over the massage area to create a warm sensation further loosening the muscles and giving relaxation. It also prepares the muscles for further deep massage.

Vibration: This is the final step in the Swedish massage. It further relaxes the muscles and helps in better blood flow. It is done by apply pressure with the palm of your hand on the massage area and giving to and fro motion.

Benefits of Swedish massage

Blood circulation: Muscle pain: Regular body massage no doubt improves blood circulation and this can benefit in many ways. The tapping and long kneading strokes can bring a soothing warmth which definitely helps ease sore muscles. Also, the Swedish massage helps your body to drain away toxins stored inside. Increased blood circulation will leave your body extremely relaxed and a real boost you will feel in energy. Faster blood circulation can help you recover from injuries faster with more fresh and oxygenated blood.

Reduction of Stress: Physical stress can be extremely depressing because it causes body muscles to get tensed. Swedish massage greatly benefits from letting muscles get relaxed and eliminate the notions of physical stress. Regular Swedish massage can improve your body posture by not leaving muscles to get overcompensated. Not only physical stress, but Swedish massage can also have a massive impact on mental issues.

Improve Sleep: Apart from physical and mental relief, Swedish massage promising when it comes to sleep improvement. With Swedish massage, your body releases certain hormones and chemicals like oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Serotonin is extremely vital for healthy sleep patterns. Swedish massage in the afternoon can let your sleep for longer and productive terms.

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